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Essential Media
and Entertainment


Alan Erson, General Manager
Australia, Head Of Factual

Gabriel Sagel, Independent

Chris Hilton, CEO and Executive

360 Degree Films

Flame Distribution
Fiona Gilroy, Content Sales &
Acquisitions Director

Screen Australia
Mary-Ellen Mullane,
Investment Manager
SeaLight Pictures
Adam Geiger, Principal
Sensible Films
John Moore, Producer

Interspot Film
Heinrich Mayer, Producer
David Albareda, International
Co-Production and
Development Manager
Andrew Solomon, Head of Natural
History, History and Science

Sally Ingleton, Managing Director

Katie Stephenson, Content
Sales Manager

Artemis International

Genepool Productions

Brian Beaton, Executive Producer

Sonya Pemberton, Creative Director

Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)

Heinz Leger, TV Producer

Gulliver Media Australia

John Godfrey, Senior Commissioning
Editor, Documentaries

Nikolaus Wisiak, Managing Director

Larry Zetlin, Executive Producer

Tony Iffland, Director Of Television
and Online Content

Pro Omnia Film

Heiress Films

Daryl Karp, Creative Catalyst, Non
Executive Director

Andreas Sulzer, CEO, Producer

Joseph Maxwell, Commissioning
Editor, Documentaries (History
and Science)

Terra Mater Factual Studios

Australian Broadcasting
Karina Holden, Commissioning
Editor, Science And Natural History

Margie Bryant, Director/Owner

Jennifer Cummins, Producer

Harriet Pike, Development Producer
Michael Tear, Managing Director

Josephine Wright

Beyond Distribution
Fiona Crago, General Manager

JDR Screen
Julia De Roeper, CEO/Producer

Beyond International
Mark Hamlyn, Head of Specialist

Looking Glass International
Nha-uyen Chau, Director, Distribution
and Co-Productions

Electric Pictures
Northern Pictures
Sue Clothier, Executive Producer

Andrea Quesnelle, Executive Producer
Prospero Productions
Elevator Entertainment

Ed Punchard, Managing Director

Kylee Ingram, Producer

Julia Redwood, Managing Director
Rymer Childs
Judy Rymer, Producer and Director

Sabine Holzer, Head of TV
Dinah Mueller, Head Of
Business Affairs
Eva Schmidt, Head of
Program Development

Bernice Notenboom, Producer
Viento Media


Move Media
Troy Melville, Producer/Director

Andrew Ogilvie, CEO and
Executive Producer

Grania Kelly, Producer/Director

Alison Leigh, Editorial Director

Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder
Michael Cordell, Executive Producer

StarSapphire Productions

Marian Bartsch, Producer

pre tv Gesellschaft für Film und
Videoproduktion mbH

Walter Köhler, CEO

Jennifer Peedom, Producer/Director

Blue Planet Productions
Richard Smith, Director

Serendipity Productions

Patrice Goldberg, Head of Sciences
Department/Producer/Editor in Chief

Wild Fury


Veronica Fury, Producer and Joint
Managing Director

Terra Brasilis Filmes

Wild Fury/Absolutely Wild Visuals

Lara Velho, Executive Producer/

Tina Dalton, Producer,
Company Director

11 Television
Kevin Healey, Executive Producer
90th Parallel Productions
Michael Allder, Producer, Director
Gordon Henderson, President

Cineflix Rights

GAPC Entertainment

Primitive Entertainment

Lucinda Gergley-Garner, Head of
Sales & Acquisitions, North America

Hoda Elatawi, Senior Producer

Michael McMahon,
Executive Producer

Clearwater Documentary
Niobe Thompson, Producer/Director
Cogent/Benger Productions
Christopher Sumpton,

Handel Productions
Andre Barro, Vice President,
Executive Producer
Alan Handel, President,
Executive Producer

Angel Entertainment Corp

Hot Docs Canadian International
Documentary Festival

Wally Start, Partner/Producer

Collective Friction

Brett Hendrie, Managing Director

Apartment 11 Productions

Jake Chirico, Freelance

Alberta Nokes, Head of Development
Arcadia Content
John Wesley Chisholm,
Executive Director
Julian Marentette, Producer
Atomic Productions
Fiona Tudor Price, Producer/Director
Brilliant Red Media/SongbirdSOS
Joanne P. Jackson, Producer
Buildings That Last-Heritage
Education & Media
Lynn Osborne-Way, M.Ed, Content
Developer/Producer and
Event Facilitator

CTV, EPI, Discovery Channel
Tony Leadman, Head, Worldwide
Program Distribution
Discovery Channel
Lindsay Cowan Dotchison, Director
of Programming, Discovery Networks
Edwina Follows, Director,
Commissioning and Production

Elizabeth Radshaw, Hot Docs Forum
and Market Director
Ideacom International
Eric Michel, Producer
Josette D. Normandeau, President
Inigo Films
Alison Rose, Producer/Director
Intuitive Pictures

Yves Lafontaine, Producer
Proper Television
Cathie James, Vice President and
Creative Director
Guy O’Sullivan, President
Proximity Films
Howard Fraiberg, President
Real to Reel Productions
Anne Pick, Partner and
Executive Producer
Kelly Anderson, Staff Writer
Claire Macdonald, VP and Publisher
Heidi Rotter, Event Producer

Ina Fichman, President/Producer

Discovery Channel Canada

JKJ-TV International

Fadi Issa, Director, Marketing

Wally Longul, President/Executive

Paul Lewis, President and
General Manager

Productions Nova Media

Rock Yenta Productions
Charlotte Engel, Producer/Owner
Société Radio-Canada

Ken MacDonald, Vice
President Programming

Matter of Fact Media
Vanessa Dylyn, President

Helene Leroux, Chief Editor,
Head Of Science And
Environmental Programming

E Klinck Research

Merit Motion Pictures

Stornoway Productions

Elizabeth Klinck, Visual Researcher

Erna Buffie, Producer

Criss Hajek, Head of Production &
Business Affairs

Merit Jensen Carr, Executive Producer

Frances Mary Morrison, Senior

eOne Television

Mark Starowicz, Executive Director,
Documentary Programming

Michael Kot, SVP Factual



Simon Lloyd, CEO Cineflix

Michel Pelletier, Head
of Programming

Cineflix Productions


Joe Houlihan, Executive Vice President

Arnie Gelbart, CEO and
Executive Producer

Northern Sky Entertainment
Wayne Abbott, Producer/Director
Partners in Motion
Ron Goetz, Executive Producer/
Executive Vice President
PMA Productions
Kenneth Hirsch, Executive

Paul Kemp, President/
Executive Producer
Story House Media Group
Robyn Hutt, President
Rachel Low, General Manager
The Glasgow Group
Alan Kay, Moderator
Christine Lee,
Acquisitions Programmer

Up Front Entertainment
Barbara Barde, President/
Executive Producer
Linda Stregger,

Academia Film Olomouc

Elizabeth Trojian, Director
of Development
Zoot Pictures

Danish Broadcasting Corporation
Lars Ronnow Torp,
Executive Producer


Wen Han, Head of Planning Section
Jin Li, Project Manager, Office of
Managing Director
Wen Liu, Managing Director

Weina Kong, Producer
Yuanyuan Wang,
Supervising Producer
LIC China
Shihui Cheng, Editor In Chief

Nina Tuominen,
Acquisition Executive

Serge Guez, Producer
Dassault Systemes
Marie-Pierre Aulas, Producer
Doc En Stock
Emmanuel Leconte,
Producer, Director

Michele Gautard, International
Development Manager and
Representative for Festivals
Germaine McCormack-Kos,
Robert Salvestrin,
Independent Producer

Elodie Polo Ackermann, Producer

Alexandra Stainov,
Freelance Consultant

Docside Production


Guyader Gaëlle, Executive Producer

Benjamin Ternynck, Producer

Films à Cinq

La Compagnie des Taxi Brousse

Emmanuel Laurent, Producer

Laurent Mini, Co-Manager/Producer


Frederic Lepage, Producer

Agat Films & Cie/Ex Nihilo

France 5/France Television Group

Blanche Guichou, Producer

Caroline Behar, Head of
Documentaries/Head of Acquisitions

Gabriel Turkieh, Producer
ARTE France

Redback Productions

Hélène Coldefy, Head of Specialist
and Factual

Olivia Chen, Producer

Crescendo Films

FL Concepts & Co/Jukurpa Medias

Luyue Jing, Acquisition Executive

Wuhan TV

Arnaud Xainte, Producer/Distributor

Maurice Ribiere, Producer

Catherine Alvaresse, Deputy Director
of the Specialist Factual Department

Vivian McGrath, Executive Producer

Illegitime Defense


Tian Yuan, Head of International
Acquisitions and Co-Production
Yiqian Zhang, Project Manager,
International Acquisitions
and Co-Production

Alexandre Soullier, Producer

Antoine Bamas, Producer

Thomas Houkjaer, Head Of
History Department

CCTV Documentary Channel

Pierre-François Decoufle, Producer

Camera Lucida Productions

Leif Kaldor, Producer
Leslea Mair, President

Heliox Films

Emmanuel Priou, Producer

Veronika Klusakova, Program Director

YAP Films
Elliott Halpern, President

Bonne Pioche Television

Alec Herrmann, Head of Pre-Sales
and Head of Acquisitions for the
Publishing Department
Christine Reisen, Senior
Commissioning Editor

Lagardere Entertainment Rights

Hind Saih, Producer

Eleonore de Prunele,
VP International Sales
Les Films d’Ici

France Télévisions
Ann Julienne, Head of
International Development
Thierry Mino, Deputy Head of
Documentaries & Acquisitions and
International Co-Productions
Galaxie Presse
Thierry Caillibot, Pole TV Manager
Romain Grumbach, Executif Producer
Gedeon Programmes
Thibaut Martin, Producer

Bellota Films

Karim Samai, Co-Manager/Producer

Stéphane Millière, President

Charlotte Uzu, Producer, Head of
International Development
Mosaique Films
Malik Menai, Producer
Christine Le Goff, Producer
Newen Distribution
Laetitia Recayte, Managing Director
Nilaya Productions
Patricia Boutinard Rouelle, Productrice

Point du Jour International


Hoferichter & Jacobs GmbH

Story House Media Group

Luc Martin-Gousset, Producer/CEO

Karin Embacher, Filmmaker/Author

Karin Leske, Associate Producer

Program 33

Albatross World Sales


Jens Afflerbach, Creative Director
of Story House Germany and
General Manager of Wee White
Elephant Entertainment

Fabrice Coat, Producer

Anne Olzmann, Managing Director

Annette Baumeister,
Freelance Director

Saint Thomas Productions

Anthro Media

Ruth Berry, Producer/Director

Bertrand Loyer, Producer/
General Manager

Volker Barth, Coordination,
International Projects

Sunny Side of the Doc


Krishan Arora, International Consultant

Claudia Schreiner, Head of Programme

Yves Jeanneau, CEO

Patrick Hörl, Founder and
Managing Director
BBC Worldwide Germany
Isabelle Helle, Head of German
Speaking Territories

TV France International
Mathieu Béjot, Executive Director
Upside Television
Sebastien Deurdilly, CEO Upside Presse
Pauline Saint-Hilaire, Sales and
Acquisitions Manager

Berlin Producers
Kristian Kaehler, CEO/Head of
Distribution and Development
docdays productions

Simone Schillinger, Executive Producer
Thomas Zwiessler, General Manager
Taglicht Media
Dennis Wells, Producer/Director
Bernd Wilting, Managing Director

Werner Vennewald, Head Of
Development And Non-fiction
Leonardo Film


Stephane Nicolopoulos,

Andrea Zimmermann, Freelance
Media Consultant

Dirk Neuhoff, Head of Documentaries

Laetitia Doyle, Senior Sales Manager
Isabelle Graziadey, Head Of
International Sales and Acquisitions

Rudolph Herzog, Freelance

Konstanze Beyer, Executive Producer

Elmar Bartlmae, CEO
Marco Polo Film AG
Annette Scheurich, Executive Producer
Ulrich Brochhagen,
Commissioning Editor

Text und Bild Medienproduktion
& Co.
Angelika Sigl, Executive
Managing Director
Christiane Streckfuss, Producer
Vidicom Media GmbH & Co. KG
Peter Bardehle, Executive Producer
Claudia Heiss, Producer/Editor
Thomas Kamp, Commissioning Editor
Pamela Wershofen, Responsible Editor

ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland
Hendrik Niederhoff, Head of
Documentaries &
Factual Docutainment

WDW Productions
Nadja Zöttl, Editor In Chief

Antje Boehmert, Producer

Carina Teutenberg, Senior
Vice President

Yuzu Productions

DOKfilm Fernsehproduktion

Gregor Streiber, Producer

Fabrice Esteve, Producer

Dr. Jost-Arend Boesenberg, Chief
Executive Officer

Stefan Vaupel, Managing Editor
Galileo/Head Of Science and
Information/Deputy Vice President
Information and Magazine

Eco Media TV Produktion

Thomas Von Hennet, VP International
Co-Production & Documentaries

Christian Dezer, Head of
Documentaries (current affairs)

Valerie Abita, Producer
Manuel Catteau, President

2KTV Filmproduktions
Matthias Kopfmüller, General
Gary Krosnoff, General

Dominic Egizzi, Senior Producer
Stephan Lamby, General Manager

Spiegel TV


Marc Brasse, Editor-in-Chief,
Head Of Co-Production and
Commissioned Production

Michael Wolff, CEO

Kirsten Hoehne, Deputy Head
Documentary Department

Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion

Kay Siering, Head Of
Documentary Department

Ira Beetz, Producer

werwiewas medienproduktion


Ulrike Grunewald,
Commissioning Editor
Marita Huebinger,
Head Of Department
Ricarda Schlosshan, Commissioning
Editor Zdf-zeit
ZDF Digital Medienproduktion
Christoph Caron, Creative Producer
Michael Kaschner, Senior Producer

Spiegel TV Geschichte + Wissen
Johannes Everding, Channel Director

ZDF Enterprises


Nikolas Huelbusch, Project
Manager Co-Production and
Development Factual

Tatsuhiro Beniko, Senior Producer,
Science Programs

Ralf Ruckauer, Head of Sales
ZDF German Television
Christiane Goetz-Sobel, Head of
Science and Technology

Sayumi Horie, Senior Producer
Haruna Kimura, TV Director/Producer,
Science Programs
Kazuhiro Kitano, Senior Producer,
Science Programs
Tomoyuki Osato, Senior Producer

Klaus Heckenhahn, Deputy Head of
Department Terra Xpress

Gen Sasaki, Executive Producer,
Natural History Programs

Jens Monath, Editor Department
History and Society

Hiroyuki Shirakawa, TV Director/
Producer, Science Programs

Annette Tewes, Head of TV
Programme History

Tomoyuki Shirakawa, Senior
Producer, Special Programs

Andrea Eisel, Vice President Content
Daniela Roessler,
Commissioning Editor
Katharina Finger, Senior
Commissioning Editor, Science

Daisuke Takama, Executive Producer,
Special Programs
Hideki Tazuke, Head of Science
Programs Division
Midori Yanagihara, Interpreter
Shin Yasuda, Producer, International

National Film Development
Corporation Malaysia (FINAS)


Muhamad Rizal Mat Yasin, Executive
Officer, Production Division

Graniza Polska

Subaidah Md. Top, Director,
Production Division

Jacob Dammas,

Akmal Radzlan Mohd Rashid, Deputy
Director, Production Division
Mohd Naguib Razak, Director General
National Film Development
Corporation Malaysia (FINAS)
and University Malaysia Perlis
Professor Dr. Asiah Sarji, Director
UniMAP Press and Board Member

Film Formations Pte Ltd
Danko-Stefan Desker, Director
Of Operations
Mahan Ramos, Producer

Rack Focus Films
Yazid Ahmad, Producer
Wildman Pictures
Ikhwan Rivai, Producer

Tony Chow, International
Media Consultant
Sitting In Pictures
Soh Kiak Chang, Thinker/Doer

NHK Enterprises
Takahiro Hamano, Executive Producer
Hiromichi Iwasaki, Executive Producer

Bettina Hatami, Creative Director
Barbara Gallavotti, Author
SD Cinematografica
Roberto Dall’angelo,
Managing Director

Off The Fence


Bo Stehmeier, Managing
Director, Distribution


Ellen Windemuth, CEO


Gerard Benedict, Producer
Harjit Kaur, Senior Editor

National Science Museum
of Japan
Dr. Tsunemi Kubodera, Collection
Center, Collection Director

Dr. Steve O’Shea
Justin Ong, Producer/Director



Steve Talley, Independent Writer,
Producer, Director

Ira Rakiz Md. Tuffile, Producer
Ministry of Information,
Communication and Culture
Ab. Ghaffar A. Tambi, Deputy
General Secretary

Lynne Richardson, Producer/Director
Amariam Pictures

Great Light Sage Productions
Mimi Kalinda, Producer/Presenter

Auckland University of Technology

Dos Fellas


Africa Wildlife Films

Pascal Schmitz, Producer

Nandita Solomon, Producer
Code Computer Design


Caroline Cook, Archive Director
Phil Fairclough, EVP
Development and Marketing USA
and Exec Producer

Media 3.14
Joan Ubeda, Producer

Deep Sea Productions
Malcolm Dixelius, Executive Producer
Martin Widman, Director
Scandinavian Communication
Jan Skogstrom, Producer, Director
Henrik Ekman, Acquisitions Executive
Nature and Science


AGB Films Ltd

BBC Worldwide


Andrew Graham-Brown,
Company Director

Suzanne McKenna, Head of
Science, History & Documentaries,
Content & Production

Dan Gold, Executive Producer

AGB Films Ltd

Mark Reynolds, Director of Factual

Tom Mustill, Producer/Director

Philipp Schmid, Co-Production
Manager, Factual

Arrow Media

Jo Sermon, Strategy and Creative
Director of Factual

Tom Brisley, Creative Director
John Smithson, Creative Director

Bedlam Productions

Thomas Viner, Series Producer

Simon Egan, Managing Director

Atlantic Productions

Beyond Distribution

Anthony Geffen, CEO and
Creative Director

Yvonne Body, Head of Acquisitions

John Morris, Commercial Director
Ruth Roberts, Development Producer

Kate Kahle, Social Media Manager


European Broadcasting Union

Jodie Adams, Researcher,
BBC Horizon

Laura Longobardi, Project Manager

Will Aslett, Head of Development
Paul Cooke, Researcher, Horizon

First Hand Films

Marcy Cox, Producer

Esther Van Messel, Founder and CEO

Martin Davidson, Commissioning
Editor, History and Business
Amy Dowsett, Commercial Manager

National Taiwan Sport University
Chi-yung Moh, Associate Professor

Sarah Gibbs, Series Producer
Cassian Harrison, Commissioning
Executive, History, Science and
Natural History

National Taiwan University

Aidan Laverty, Executive Producer

Cheng-jen Shih, Professor

Caroline Percy, Commercial Manager
Jonathan Renouf, Executive Producer
Helen Thomas, Executive Producer

Yu-Chen Chueh, Project Executive
James Chieh Hsiung, Vice President

BBC Earth
Neil Nightingale, Creative Director

1212 Productions
Philip Armstrong-Dampier,
Creative Director

Dan Chambers, Co-Owner
Channel 4
Jill Fullerton-Smith, Commissioning
Editor, Science
David Glover, Senior Commissioning
Editor, Specialist Factual
John Hay, Commissioning Editor,
Specialist Factual

Adam Jacobs, Director, Factual
Programming Western Europe
Discovery Networks International
Julian Bellamy, Head of Production
& Development and Creative Director
DOX Productions
David Sington, Director
Dragonfly Productions
Simon Dickson, Managing Director
Sanjay Singhal, Managing Director
Caitlin Meek-O’Connor, VP,
Copper Club
Earth-Touch Ltd
Susan Lee, Head Of Acquisitions

Kate Quilton, Multiplatform
Commissioning Editor, Factual

Getty Images

Sara Ramsden, Commissioning
Editor, Specialist Factual

Sofia Lennquist, Sales Team
Lead, Broadcast

Cineflix Productions

Hardy Pictures

Rob Carey, Creative Director

Justin Hardy, Director

Cineflix Rights

Icon Films

Chris Bonney, CEO

Harry Marshall, Creative Director

Noel Hedges, Senior Vice President

Laura Marshall, Managing Director

Darlow Smithson Productions

Impossible Pictures

Ben Bowie, Creative Director

Jonathan Drake, Managing Director

Lucy King, Producer

Steve Maher, Creative Executive

Eamon Hardy, Executive Producer

Mark Hedgecoe, Executive Producer

Shih Hsin University

Blink Films

Discovery Communications

Dominic Rees-Roberts, Researcher

BBC Vision Productions

Iain Riddick, Head of Special Projects
and Digital Media

Andrew Cohen, Head of Science

Emily Roe, Deputy Creative Director

Jonathan Drori

Julian Ware, Creative Director

Dinah Lord, Freelance
Executive Producer

Simon Young, Head of Development

Liz McLeod, Executive Producer
Amelia Vale, Freelance Producer

ITN Source


Testimony Films

Zodiak Rights

Hanna Davies, Business
Development Manager

Michael Barnes, Director

Steve Humphries, Managing Director

Emily Elisha, Head of Factual

Picture Films

The Project Factory

Tilman Remme, Creative Director

Kirsty Hunter, Managing Director

Pioneer Productions

Tigress Productions

Stuart Carter, Chairman

Dick Colthurst, Managing Director

IWC Media
Ross Harper, Executive Producer
Mike McDowall, Executive Producer
Lilla Hurst, Founder

Jeremy Dear, SVP Programming
Kathryn Johnson, Executive Producer

TV6 Limited

Kirstie McLure, Managing Director

Richard Reisz, Managing Director



Dimitri Doganis, Founder/CEO

Adrian Wills, General Manager, Factual

RedSiesta Films

Wall To Wall
Jonathan Hewes, Head Of International

Crispin Sadler, Managing Director

Vijay Mavjee, CEO and
Executive Producer


Renegade Pictures

Gillian Mosely, Company Director

Alan Hayling, Editorial Director

Lion Television
Richard Bradley, Managing Director
Nick Catliff, Managing Director
Tessa James, Financial Director
Mallinson Sadler Productions

National Geographic
Channels International
Hannah Demidowicz,
Commissioning Executive and Head
of Programmes Europe

Llion Iwan, Factual
Content Commissioner

Wellcome Trust
Helen Lambourne, Project Manager,
Broadcast Team

Archive-Based Productions
Matthew White, Owner
Area 5, LLC
Matt Chandronait, President
ASKlabs Documentary Film
Alberta Chu, Producer/Director
Azure Media
Anne Zeiser, President & CEO
BBC Worldwide
Greg Johnson, SVP TV Sales, Factual

Dr. Lisa Lazareck, Public
Engagement Adviser

BBC Worldwide America

Wide-Eyed Entertainment

Melissa Green, VP Sales and CoProductions, Factual

Amy Foster, Head of Development
Scorpion TV

Jasper James, CEO


David Cornwall, Managing Director

David McNab, Creative Director

Steve Cheskin,
Development Consultant

Sky Vision

Wild Thring Media


Carl Hall, Managing Director

Edwina Thring, Managing Director

Ben Goold, Executive Producer
Jane Root, CEO

Danny Tipping, Head of
Programming and Development

October Films

Spring Films

Denman Rooke, Managing Director

Richard Melman, Managing Director

Hamish Mykura, EVP and Head of
International Content/London Head
of Global Development

OR Media


Christopher Mitchell,
Managing Director

Anne Laking, Head of
Specialist Factual

Oxford Scientific Films

TCB Media Rights

Clare Birks, CEO

Paul Heaney, Founder

Peter Collins, Head Of Development
Alice Keens-Soper, Head of
Specialist Factual

Terra Mater Factual Studios
John Kelly, International Business &
Co-Production Manager

Windfall Films

Gary Lico, President/CEO
Castle Pictures
Christopher Cassel, President and
Creative Director

David Dugan, Chairman
Ian Duncan, Company Director


Carlo Massarella, Company Director
Leesa Rumley, Head Of Development

Charles Tremayne, Executive VicePresident of Programming

Words Make Pictures

Creative Differences

John Lynch, Chairman of WCSFP Ltd
Board of Directors

Amy Briamonte, SVP

Zig Zag Productions

Andy Erickson, Co-Founder

Leila Monks, Vice President
Commercial and Current Production

Jim Erickson Nepomuceno,

Destination America



Lumiere Media

Caroline Perez, Director
of Development

Peter Hamilton, Managing Director

Steve Burns, Producer/Director

Frederic Lumiere, Founder

Discovery Channel
Simon Andreae, Senior Vice
President, Development and
Production, West Coast
John Cavenagh, Producer
Andrew Jackson, Executive
Vice President, Landmark Series
and Specials
Howard Swartz, VP Development and
Christine Weber, VP Production
Kristin Wilcox, Producer
Robert Zakin, Executive
Producer, Specials

Laura Fravel, Producer, Writer
Engel Entertainment
Emily Harding, Head of Development
Jessica Winchell-Morsa,
Head of Production
Everwild Media
Katie Carpenter, Producer
FremantleMedia North America Inc.
Thom Beers, CEO
Global Spark Media
Anna Gecan, President

Discovery Communications

Golden Gate 3D

Wyatt Channel, Senior Producer

Robert Mooring, Managing
Partner, Producer

Laurie Goldberg, EVP, PR Discovery
Network and TLC Network
Matt Jacobson, Sr. Account Manager


Brian Lavin, Senior
Development Manager

Julian P. Hobbs, Vice President,
Development and Programming

Kevin Loftis, EVP, Divisional CIO

Mary Donahue, Vice President,
Development and Programming

Kaitlin McIntyre, Producer

Chris Haws, International Media
Steven Johnson, Author

MacGillivray Freeman Films
Patty Collins, Senior Director
Of Development

Grainne Keegan, Freelance Writer/
Development Producer

Shaun MacGillivray, Co-President

Celia Lowenstein, Freelance

Media Central

Vinita Mehta, Ph.D., Independent
Producer, Writer and Psychologist
Lesley Norman, Independent
Production Executive
Bridget Whalen-Hunnicutt,
Programming and Development

Jay Schlossberg, President, Media
Central/Executive Producer, Media
Central Films
Murphy PR
John Murphy, President

ITN Source

N.S. Bienstock Talent Agency

Nan Halperin, Business
Development Manager

Lisa Zeff, Talent Representative

Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival
& Science Media Awards
Jessica Weeman,
Development Director
Jumpstart Productions
Darrell Fetty, Producer, Writer,
Actor, President

NASA’s Goddard Space
Flight Center
Dr. James Garvin, Chief Scientist
National Endowment for
the Humanities
Karen Kenton, Senior Program
Officer, Divison of Public Programs

Eileen O’Neill, Group President,
Discovery Network and TLC Network

Hoff Productions

Paul Schur, Senior Director of Publicity

Michael Hoff, President and
Executive Producer

JWM Productions

Allan Butler, Executive Producer

Bill Morgan, Managing Director

Madeleine Carter, Executive Producer

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Amanda Rothman,
Director Of Development

Lori Beane, Director Of Operations

Michael Cascio, Executive Vice
President, Programming

Jason Williams, President

Germaine Deagan Sweet, SVP Global
Content Sales

KCTS 9 TV (PBS-Seattle)

Michael Mavretic, Senior Director
of Development

Leslie Schwerin, Producer
Discovery Labs
Jim Boda
Federico Camacho
Tony Neal
Adam Zuckerman
Discovery Networks International
Marion Said, Associate Producer
Discovery Studios
Michael Masland, Vice
President Development

Sean B. Carroll, Vice President for
Science Education
David Elisco, Director of
Development, Television and Film
Sarah Goforth,
Communications Manager
Laura Helft, Ph.D., Senior Researcher
Cheryl Moore, Executive Vice
President and Chief Operating Officer
Michael Rosenfeld, Head of Television
and Film

National Geographic Channel

Greg Moyer, Senior Advisor
Leftfield Productions
Brent Montgomery,
Executive Producer
Lion Television
Tony Tackaberry, CEO
Lone Wolf
Chris Bailey, Senior Producer/Director
Kirk Wolfinger, President

JC Mills, Director of Development
Charlie Parsons, Vice President,
Global Development and Production
Noel Siegel, Senior Vice President,
Development and Production
National Geographic Channels
Janet Han Vissering, Senior Vice
President, Development and
Production WILD
David Lyle, CEO
Howard T. Owens, President

National Geographic Channels
Stephen Hunter, Vice President,
Production & Development



Stony Brook Films

Paula S. Apsell, Senior Executive

Tug Yourgrau, President

Paul Gasek, Producer/Writer/Narrator

Julia Cort, Executive Producer,
NOVA scienceNOW

Providence Pictures

Story House Media Group

Gary Glassman, Executive Producer/

Karim Chrobog, President

National Geographic Television

Evan Hadingham, Senior Science Editor

Karen Bass, Senior Executive Producer

Chris Schmidt, Senior Producer

Pamela Caragol Wells,
Executive Producer

Melanie Wallace, Senior
Series Producer

Randall Productions, Inc.

Carsten Oblaender, CEO

Terri Randall, Producer/Director

Ocean Research and Conservation

Vincent Renner, CFO and EVP
Business Development & Strategy

Rock Shrimp Productions

Dr. Edie Widder, Co-Founder, CEO
and Senior Scientist

Véronique Bernard, Head
of Development

Passport to Knowledge/GHSPi


Geoff Haines-Stiles, Producer,
Director, Writer

Anne Menotti, VP, Marketing
and Development

Caroline Christopher, Director of
Series Development
Maryanne Culpepper, President
Jerry Decker, Executive Producer
Eleanor Grant, Vice President,
Development, Specials, Events and
Natural History
Jared Lipworth, Executive Producer,
Specials And Events
Debbie London, EVP-Operations
Geoff Luck, Executive Producer
National Science Foundation
Valentine Kass, Deputy Division
Director (acting), Division of Research
on Learning in Formal and Informal
Settings (DRL)

Bill Gardner, Director, General
Audience Programming
Laura Gordon, Assistant
Director, Programming
Beth Hoppe, VP, General
Audience Programming

Santa Fe Productions
Lennlee Keep, Executive Producer
Science Channel
Dexter Cole, VP Programming

Cara Liebenson, Assistant
Director, Programming

Rocky Collins, Executive Producer

Cara Biega, Executive Director of
Development and Sr. Producer

Sumner Menchero, Assistant
Director, Programming

Laurie Haughey, Project Manager

Benjamin Ringe, SVP Development
and EP
NET Television (PBS)
Gary Hochman, Senior Producer
Newmagic Communications, Inc.
Marco Tempest, Cyber Illusionist
Shera Jenne, Marketing Executive
North America

Story House Productions
Andreas Gutzeit, Co-President
The New York Times/
NOVA scienceNOW
David Pogue, Tech Columnist/Host

David Ruck, Producer

NBC Peacock Productions

NBC Universal, Media

Genevieve Croteau, VP
Of Development

Lindsay Foster

Jen Ruppmann, Assistant Director

Brad Kohlenstein, Senior Director
of Development

John Wilson, Senior Vice President
and Chief TV Programming Executive

Neil Laird, Executive Producer

PBS International

Debbie Myers, General Manager and
EVP of Programming

Anna Alvord, Manager,
International Sales

Katie Pyne, Associate Producer

Nanci Church, Manager,
International Sales

Bernadette McDaid, VP Production

Julia Wagman,
Development Coordinator

The Really Interesting
Picture Company
Thomas Veltre, Founder
The Weather Channel Companies
Mary Ellen Iwata, Vice President,
Development Of Original Content
Trivalent Productions
Diandra Leslie-Pelecky, Owner
Twin Cities Public Television
Joanna Baldwin Mallory, Executive
Producter Biosciences and Health
Richard Hudson, Senior
Executive Producer, Director Of
Science Production

Tom Koch, Vice President,
PBS Distribution

Smithsonian Networks

Universities Space Research
Association (USRA)/Lunar and
Planetary Institute (LPI)

Betsy LeBlanc, Director, International

Chris Hoelzl, VP Program Development

John Blackwell, Creative Producer

Charles Schuerhoff, Director,
International Acquisitions

Charles Poe, Vice President, Production
David Royle, EVP, Programming
and Production

US Independents

Spiegel TV

Veriscope Pictures

Karin Assmann, Correspondent

Daniel Levitt, President

Meg Villarreal, Director

Pixeldust Studios
Elizabeth Andrade, VP & Director
Of Production

Vulcan Productions
Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss, Director
Jeff Bieber, Vice President for
National Programming
Denise Dilanni, Executive-in-Charge
Adrienne Ciuffo, Producer
ZDF Enterprises
Nelsa Gidney, Sales and
Co-Production Executive

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