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Artemis International
Brian Beaton, Executive Producer
Harriet Pike, Senior Producer
Michael Tear, Managing Director
Electric Pictures
Andrew Ogilvie, CEO and
Executive Producer
Andrea Quesnelle,
Executive Producer
Essential Media and

Looking Glass International
Nha-Uyen Chau, Director,
Distribution & Co-productions
Marian Bartsch, Producer
Mindful Media
Isabel Perez, Head of Production
& Producer
Paul Scott, CEO & Executive Producer
Northern Pictures
Sue Clothier, Managing Director
Karina Holden, Head of Production
and Development

Alan Erson, General Manager
Australia, Head Of Factual
Chris Hilton, CEO &
Executive Producer

Julia Redwood, Company Director

Fiona Gilroy, Content Sales
& Acquisitions Director
Sarah McCormack, Sales &
Acquisitions Manager—
North America
Genepool Productions


Interspot Film

90th Parallel Productions

Heinrich Mayer, Producer

Michael Allder, Producer-Director
Gordon Henderson, President

Andrew Solomon, Head of Natural
History and History
David Albareda, International
Co-Production And Development

Ed Punchard, Company Director

Rymer Childs
Judy Rymer, Producer & Director

Adobe Productions International

Nikolaus Wisiak, Managing Director

Robbie Hart, Producer-Director

Red Bull Media House GmbH

Alpha Zoulou Films

Wolfgang Merkel,
Executive Producer/Head of
Documentary Department

Galina Tomov, President/Producer
Angel Entertainment Corp

ScienceVision Filmproduction

Wally Start, Partner/Producer

Michael Schlamberger, Producer
and Director

Animal Mother Films

Screen Australia

Terra Mater Factual Studios

Sam Griffin, Investment Development
Manager, Documentary

Sabine Holzer, Head of TV

Animiki See Digital Production Inc.

Walter Köhler, CEO

Kyas Sherriff, Investment/Development
Manager, Indigenous Department

Sven Westphal, International
Co-Production Manager

Desiree Single, Manager of

Michiko Smith, Producer
Josephine Wright, Associate Producer

Leighton De Barros, CEO/Executive

Jonnie Morris Productions

Apartment 11 Productions


Smith & Nasht
Simon Nasht, Filmmaker and Founder

Patrice Goldberg, Head of Sciences
Department/producer/editor In Chief

Jonnie Morris, Director

Special Broadcasting Service



Joseph Maxwell,
Commissioning Editor

Grifa Filmes
Fernando Dias, Producer

Kate Pappas, Producer
Leo Burnett Australia

Aarrow Productions, Inc.

Jon Ornoy, President/Producer

Sea Dog TV International

Randall Wood, Producer/Director

Timothy Blais, Creator

pre tv Gesellschaft fuer Film- und
Videoproduktion mbH

Sonya Pemberton, Creative Director


A Capella Science

Barbara Hager, Producer

Prospero Productions

Flame Distribution


Alison Leigh, Editorial Director

Todd Sampson, CEO
Wild Fury Pty Ltd
Tina Dalton, Joint Managing Director
Veronica Fury, Producer and Joint
Managing Director

Mauricio Dias, Director

Mindy Laxer, Vice President &
General Manager
Alberta Nokes, Head of Development
aquaCULTURE Pictures Inc /
3reedom Digital Inc
Diane Woods, President/
Executive Producer
Arcadia Content
John Wesley Chisholm, President
Craig Ferguson, Writer/Director
Andrew Killawee, Writer/Director
Associated Producers Ltd.
Simcha Jacobovici, Director/Producer

Association des
Communicateurs Scientifiques

Canadian Film Institute

Créations Tempête Blanche

eOne Television

Jack Horwitz, Chair ex-officio

Simon Rodrigue, Director/Producer

Loren Mawhinney, VP, Factual


Creative Anarchy Inc

Brad Schroeder,
VP Business Development

Robert Sandler, Executive Producer

Brite Pauchet, Science Writer
Binh An Vu Van, Science Journalist
AXS Biomedical Animation
Studio Incorporated
Kenny Solway, Director of Sales
Bell Fund

Castlewood Productions
Andrew Burnstein, President/
Executive Producer

Elaine Béliveau, Financial Analyst
Bell Fund, IPF, Cogeco Fund
Claire Dion, Associate Director
Bell Media Inc.
Catherine MacLeod, Senior VP,
Specialty Channels
Blimp Tele Inc.
Mathieu Paiement, Development
Marc St-Onge, President and
Executive Producer
Blue Ant Media
Marcia Martin, Senior Vice President,
Original Content
Craig Colby, Director of Production

Kelly McKeown, Executive Producer,
Daily Planet
Kathryn Oughtred,
Executive Producer

Discovery Canada Networks

Frances Mary Morrison, Senior
Producer, The Nature of Things

Lindsay Cowan Dotchison, Director
of Programming, Discovery Networks

Mark Starowicz, Executive Director,
Documentary Programming

Edwina Follows, Director,
Commissioning and Production

David Suzuki, Scientist/Host,
The Nature of Things

Bruce Glawson, Executive
Producer, Programming

Caroline Underwood, Senior
Producer, The Nature of Things

Fadi Issa, Director, Marketing

CBC, Discovery Channel Canada

Stan Lipsey, Executive Producer

Fata Morgana Productions Inc

Jennifer Gardy, Host/Science

Ken MacDonald, Vice President,

Yves Bisaillon, Producer

Cineflix media


Paul Lewis, President and
General Manager

Riley Nimens, Associate Producer,
Daily Planet
Michael Shewchenko, Executive
Producer, Digital

Cineflix Rights

Ziya Tong, Co-Host/Producer,
Daily Planet

Lucinda Gergley-Garner, Head of
Sales & Acquisitions, North America

Heather Williamson, Manager of
Program Development

Nat Abraham, President, Distribution
Breakthrough Entertainment

CMJ Productions II Inc.

Peter Williamson, Executive Producer

John Kuyk, President

Brilliant Red Media/SongbirdSOS

Connexion Films International

Bob Moore, Producer
Face to Face Media
Betsy Carson, Producer
Fadoo Productions Inc.
Corey Russell, President/
Executive Producer

Sylvie Krasker, Director of
Development And Business Affaires
Ferns Productions
Pat Ferns, President and
Executive Producer
Fill the Frame Productions Ltd.
Jennifer McAuley, Executive Producer

DLI Productions inc.
Irene Angelico, CEO and Producer

Filmoption International Inc.
Lizanne Rouillard, Vice President

E Klinck Research
Elizabeth Klinck, Visual Researcher
and Copyright Clearance Specialist

Films de l’Oeil inc.

Entertainment One
Television International

Films du Rapide-Blanc

Catherine Drolet, Producer

Daniel Vermette, President

Joanne P. Jackson, Producer
Cream Productions
Richard Burman,

Irene Vandertop, Producer

Karen McCairley, Executive Producer

Sue Dando, Executive Producer,
The Nature of Things

Pablo Salzman, Director of Digital
And Commercial Media

Burman Productions


Gloria Matthews, Director, Production

Thomas Wallner, Owner

Brandy Y Productions Inc.

Breakthrough Entertainment

Bob Culbert, Owner

Tony Leadman, Head of Worldwide
Program Distribution

Jackie Carlos, Producer/Director,
TV Documentary Production Unit

Glen Salzman, CEO
Brandy Yanchyk, Founder and
Executive Producer

Culbert Productions
and Consulting

Exploration Production Inc.

David Brady, Co-Founder/
Executive Producer
Kate Harrison, President
Richard Life, Commercial Director
And Development Consultant

Jessica Watson, Manager,

Sylvie Van Brabant, Producer
and Director

Frantic Films


LP8 Média

Newroad Media

Jamie Brown, CEO &
Executive Producer

Margaret Atwood, Author

Marleen Beaulieu, President and
Executive Producer

Marlo Miazga, Co-President

Arnie Gelbart, CEO &
Executive Producer
GAPC Entertainment Inc.
Hoda Elatawi, Senior Producer/
VP Production
Gobez Media
Tamara Dawit, Producer

Carin Bondar, Host, Presenter,
Scientist, Writer, Producer
Sarah Chow, Scientist, Researcher,
Producer, Host, Comedian
Victoria Frodsham, Producer/
Production Manager

Greg Thorpe, Vice President

Chris Hadfield, Astronaut

Groupe PVP inc.

Infield Fly Productions

Éli Laliberté, Producer

Dugald Maudsley, Executive

Andre Barro, Vice President,
Executive Producer
Alan Handel, President,
Executive Producer
Heritage Media
Lynn Osborne-Way M.Ed, Writer/
Producer, Buildings That Last
HG Distribution
Henry Gagnon, President
HitPlay Productions
Nadine Pequeneza,
Hot Docs
Brett Hendrie, Executive Director
ID Productions

Make Believe Media Inc.
Bruce Whitty, Manager,
Corporate Affairs

Northern Sky Entertainment
Wayne Abbott, Producer/Director
Octapixx Worldwide
Stacey Blake, Sales Manager
Orangeville Road Pictures
Steve Suderman, Producer/Director

Markham Street Films

Paperny Entertainment Inc.

Aaron Hancox, Driector, Sales
& Development

David Paperny, President

Michael McNamara, Co-President

Parabola Films
Selin Murat, Producer

Matter of Fact Media
Vanessa Dylyn, President

Parallax Film Productions
Ian Herring, President

Mediatique inc.

Ian Oliveri, Producer

Daniele Caloz, Independent Producer

Inigo Films

Merit Motion Pictures

Alison Rose, Producer/Director/Writer

Erna Buffie, Producer

Maija Leivo, Executive Producer
Partners In Motion
Ron Goetz, Executive Producer/
Executive Vice President

Merit Jensen Carr, Executive Producer

Chris Triffo, President/Director/
Director of Photography

Christian Elliott, Producer/Director

Ministère de la Culture et des

pia marquard consulting

Intuitive Pictures

Béatrice Couillard, Conseillère,
audiovisuel et médias interactifs

Insight Media Works Inc.

Ina Fichman, President/
Executive Producer
JKJ-TV International
Wally Longul, President/
Executive Producer
Kensington Communications
Tara Jan, Head of Production
Robert Lang, President/
Executive Producer
Laurus Productions Inc.

Josette D Normandeau, President

Rachel Low, Partner/
Executive Producer

InformAction Films

Rosvita Dransfeld, Producer
Ideacom international

Robyn Hutt, President

Lynn Booth, Executive Producer

Great Pacific Media Inc

Handel Productions

Mad Hive Media Inc.

Ann Marie Redmond, Co-President

Lori Braun, Producer

Pia Maria Marquard, Consulatant
Pixcom Productions

Mokko Studio
Danny Bergeron, VFX Executive

Meredith Fowke, Content Producer,
Nicola Merola, President
Christine Nielsen, Creative Director

Mountainside Films
Michael Parfit, Vice President
Muse Entertainment
Enterprises Inc.

Cara Volchoff, Head of Factual
Emmanuelle Wiecha,
Head of Factual Content

Ann Harbron, Managing Director

Pixel Dreams

Betty Palik, VP Communications
& Factual

Daniel Libby, Videographer & Editor

Jesse Prupas, Vice President Of
Development and Distribution

PMA Productions Inc.

Jonas Prupas, Managing Director

Kenneth Hirsch,
Executive Producer/President

Primitive Entertainment

SK Films Inc.

Tell Tale Productions Inc.

Zoot Pictures

Michael McMahon, President and
Executive Producer

Jonathan Barker, CEO

Edward Peill, President

Leif Kaldor, Producer

Productions Megafun Inc.
Paul Cadieux, President
Productions Multi-Monde

Leslea Mair, President
Société Radio-Canada

Tortuga Films

Lorene Biscotti, Coordinator/

Viveka Melki, Producer/Director

Raynald Daoust, ProducerCoordinator, La semaine verte

Marlene Edoyan, Producer/Filmmaker

Hélène Leroux, Head Of Science And
Environmental Programming

Productions Nova Media

Michel Pelletier, Head of
Programming, Explora

Louise Girard, Development Producer

Charles Tisseyre, Host, Découverte

Yves Lafontaine, Producer

Marie Cote, Executive Director,
Explora, Specialty Channels

Proper Television
Guy O’Sullivan, President
Proximity Films
Howard Fraiberg, President

Elaine Dumont, Director,
International Affairs
Véronique Le Sayec, Project Manager,
Exportation Television

Adam Pajot Gendron, Producer
Trio Orange
Carlos Soldevila, Executive Producer

Spatial Sciences Research Lab

Jacques Bilodeau, President/Producer

Eleanor Setton, Co-Director

Real to Reel Productions

Spontaneous Human Productions

Anne Pick, Producer

Kenton Vaughan,

Gaston Chedufau, Executive Producer


Claudine Desjardins, ProducerIdeator

CCTV Documentary Channel

Tuff Productions

Jin Li, Project Manager, Office of
Managing Director

Janice Tufford, Executive Producer

Wen Liu, Managing Director

Tungsten Films
Samuel Noel, Producer/Director

Christine Lee,
Acquisitions Programmer
Derek Muller, Creator


Las Minas

Tropismes Médias

Francois Tremblay, Producer, Director
Quiet Motion Inc.


Shilun Shi, Director,
Programming Department
Yuan Tian, Head of International
Acquisitions and Co-Production
Zi Wang, Project Associate,
International Acquisitions
and Co-production
Yiqian Zhang, Project Manager,
International Acquisitions
and Co-Production
China Intercontinental
Communication Center

Claire Macdonald, VP and Publisher

Stornoway Productions

Barry Walsh, Editor

Criss Hajek, Head of Production
& Business Affairs

Scott Bailey, Executive Producer

Mandarin Film

Rock Yenta Productions

Paul Kemp,
President/Executive Producer

Petro Duszara, Director/Producer

Patrick Carr, Founder

YAP Films

Rare Media

Elliott Halpern, President

Ruifang Hua, Head of European
Business Development

Charlotte Engel, Producer/Owner
Sunday Night Entertainment
Rotating Planet Productions Inc.

Scott Harper, Producer/Director

Ari A. Cohen, Director/Producer
Telefilm Canada
Saloon Media
Paul Kilback, Creative Director
Michael Kot, CEO
Shaw Media
Nick Crowe, Director of Original
Factual Content
Sarah Jane Flynn, Senior Director,
Original Factual Content
Andrew Johnson, Production
Executive, Original Factual Content

Bo Zhang, Producer

Sam Halpern,
Development Researcher
Elizabeth Trojian,
Director of Development


Roxane Girard, Director,
CMF Program Administrator

Zone 3 inc

Academia Film Olomouc

Isabelle-anouk Bourduas, Director
of International Production

Veronika Klusakova, Program Assistant


Michael Kronish, Executive Producer

Jakub Ralis, Programme Manager

Sheila De La Varende,
Director of International Promotion

Isabella Federigi, Content Buyer
—Factual and Drama

Joan Jenkinson,
VP Independent Production

Jakub Korda, Director of Festival


Bellota Films / Red Corner

Gedeon Programmes

Newen Distribution

Dominique Barneaud, Producer

Cecile Kiegel, Producer

Christine Le Goff, Producer

Stephane Milliere, President

Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Nilaya Productions

Henrik Bjerring,

Bonne Pioche Television
Sophie Parrault, Producer

Georama TV Productions

Lars Ronnow Torp,
Executive Producer

Emmanuel Priou, Producer

Nicolas Koutsikas, Producer

Thomas Houkjaer, Head of History

Patricia Boutinard Rouelle, Producer
One Planet

Alexandre Soullier, Producer
Illegitime Defense
Camera Lucida Productions

Laure Bernard, Producer

Valérie Grenon, Producer

Arnaud Xainte, Producer

Victoire De Mones, Head of Sales
Point du Jour International
Luc Martin-Gousset, Producer


CC&C Clarke Costelle & Co


Louis Vaudeville, Producer

Christine Reisen,
Independent Consultant

Dassault Systemes

Java Films

Jukka-pekka Heiskanen,
Executive Producer

Marie-Pierre Aulas, Producer

Riitta Jalonen,
Commissioner, Factuals

Docland Yard

Johanna Reen, Producer

Thibaut Martin, Producer

Nina Tuominen,
Acquisition Executive

Docside Production

Ilkka Lehtinen, Head of Factual

Guyader Gaëlle, Executive Producer


Films à Cinq

Laurent Mini, Producer

Martin de la Fouchardiere, Producer

Maurice Ribiere, Producer

Kathryn Bonnici, Head of Acquisitions
& Sales Manager
Robert Salvestrin, Producer and VP
of Distribution
La Compagnie des Taxi Brousse

AB International Distribution
Charlotte Tachet, Head
of Documentary Sales
Agat Films & Cie
Blanche Guichou, Producer
Gabriel Turkieh, Producer

Antoine Bamas, Producer
France Télévisions
Caroline Behar, Head of Documentaries/
Head of Acquisitions
Ann Julienne, Head of
International Development
Thierry Mino, Deputy Head of
Documentaries & Acquisitions and
International Co-Productions
Perrine Poubeau, Commissioning
Editor, Acquisitions and International

Karim Samai, Producer
Lagardère Entertainment Rights
Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet,
Managing Director
Le Miroir

ARTE France
Catherine Alvaresse, Deputy Director
of the Knowledge and Discovery
Factual Programming Unit

France Télévisions Distribution

Charlotte Uzu, Producer,
Head of International Sales

Marie Beuzard, Commissioning
Editor, Specialist Factual

Bertrand Lossignol, Vice President
Sales & Acquisitions, Television

Hélène Coldefy, Head of Specialist
and Factual

Galaxie Presse

Audrey Kamga, Sales Manager

Thierry Caillibot, Pole TV Manager

Yann Chapellon, Chairman

Bernard Vaillot, CEO

Program 33
Fabrice Coat, Executive Producer
Emmanuel Laurent,
Saint Thomas Productions
Bertrand Loyer, President/Producer
Cedric Bonin, Producer
Sunny Side of the Doc
Krishan Arora, International
Development Consultant
Josée Brossard, General Coordinator
Baptiste Cornillier, Sales Representative
Irem Couchouron, International
Development Officer
Yves Jeanneau, CEO

Gabriel Chabanier, Producer
Les Films d’Ici

Romain Grumbach, Head
of Production

Doris Weitzel, Director of Sales


System TV
Nicolas Goldzahl, Managing Director
Isabelle Graziadey, Head of
International Sales And Acquisitions

Nicolas Deschamps, Producer
Mona Lisa Production
Eric Verniere, Producer

Aline Houdy, Producer


Autentic Distribution GmbH

Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion

Spiegel TV

Stephane Nicolopoulos, Director/

Anne Hufnagel, Director Program

Alexander Hesse, Managing Director

Marc Brasse, Editor-in-Chief,
Head Of Co-Production and
Commissioned Production

TV France International

BBC Worldwide Germany

Juliette Lecuyer, International
Information Analyst

Isabelle Helle, Director, German
Speaking Europe


Berlin Producers

Clemence Porret, Head of
Acquisitions & Co-Productions

Stefan Pannen, CEO/Head Of

Yuzu Productions

Bilderfest GmbH

Fabrice Esteve, Producer

Dietmar Lyssy, Director & Producer

Manuel Catteau, President
Celine Payot Lehmann, Head of
Distribution and Acquisitions

Marion Ammicht, Producer

Kirsten Hoehne, Deputy Head
Documentary Department

Ulrich Aschenbrenner, Director/

Elvira Lind, Head of Acquisitions
and Sales

Susanne Klein, Producer/Director
Nina Kradepohl, Producer

Kay Siering, Head of Documentary

Bernd Schaarmann, Project Manager/
Film Director

Story House Media Group

Axel Schmidt, Producer

Thomas Zwiessler, General Manager

Paula Wehmeyer, Director, Author
Taglicht Media

Marcus Uhl, Director & Producer

ifs International

doc.station Medienproduktion

Alexandra Sorgenicht,

Valerie Abita, Producer

ifs International Filmschool

Anne Siegele, Producer
K22 film&entertainment

Dennis Wells, Producer/Director
Bernd Wilting, Managing Director
TANGRAM International GmbH
Dagmar Biller, Producer/CEO

doc.station Medienproduktion

Wolfram Giese, Managing Director

Dr. Luise Wagner, Producer

Laengengrad Filmproduktion

Daniel Petry, Executive Producer

a&o buero

DOCDAYS Productions
Antje Boehmert, Producer

Thomas Weidenbach,
Managing Director


Tristan Chytroschek, Producer

DOKfilm Fernsehproduktion

Marco Polo Film AG

Karin Embacher, Filmmaker/Author

Jost-Arend Boesenberg, Chief
Executive Officer

Beate Schlanstein,
Commissioning Editor


Albatross World Sales
Anne Olzmann, Managing Director

ECO Media TV Produktion
Stephan Lamby, General Manager

Anthro Media
Volker Barth, Coordination,
International Projects

Thomas Schuhbauer, Producer
Michael Wolff, CEO

Claudia Schreiner, Head of Program,
Culture and Science
ARTE Germany
Wolfgang Bergmann, CEO and
Managing Director
Patrick Hörl, Founder and
Managing Director

Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion
Christian Beetz, CEO
Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion
Ira Beetz, Producer
Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion
Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG
Reinhardt Beetz, CEO,
Executive Producer

Annette Scheurich,
Executive Producer

timtam media

Daniele Joerg, Series Editor,
W wie Wissen

WDW Productions
Astrid Steinmeyer, Head of
Documentaries And Licensing

Nadja Zöttl, Editor In Chief
Steffen Bayer, Editor, Evironmental
Program Department

Elina Kewitz, Managing Director

Ulrike Grunewald,
Commissioning Editor

ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland

Marita Hübinger, Senior
Commissioning Editor and Head,

Florian Falkenstein, Vice President
Factual Kabeleins
Sven Pietsch, Senior Vice
President Factual
Carina Teutenberg, Chief Editor
Prosiebensat1 TV Deutschland
Thomas von Hennet, Vice President
International Co-Production &

Natalie Mueller-Elmau, Deputy
Managing Director, Culture, History
and Science
ZDF Digital Medienproduktion
Christoph Caron,
Head of TV & Digital Media
Michael Kaschner,
Senior Producer/Director

ZDF Enterprises GmbH


National Film Development
Corporation Malaysia (FINAS)


Kristina Hollstein, Director
Acquisitions & Coproductions
Documentaries ZDF


Subaidah Md. Top, Director
Production Management

Media 3.14

Ralf Rueckauer, Vice President

Sayumi Horie, Senior Producer

ZDF German Television

Yuko Ito, Senior Program Director,
Content Marketing

Peter Arens, Managing Director

Hiroaki Katayama, Producer,
Science Programs

Christian Dezer, Head of
Department Documentary

Yuji Maruyama, Producer,
Science Programs

Katharina Finger, Senior
Commissioning Editor for
Science Documentaries

Kayoko Mitsumatsu, Interpreter

Christiane Goetz-Sobel, Head of
Department Science and Technology
Georg Graffe, Head of Department
Terra X
Klaus Heckenhahn, Deputy Head
of Department Terra Xpress
Jens Monath, Editor Department
History and Society
Caroline Reiher, Editor ZDF History

Naofumi Nakamura, Senior Producer,
Special Content Development Center
Atsushi Nishida, Senior Producer,
Science Programs
Koichi Okumura, Senior Producer,
Science Programs
Tomoyuki Osato, Senior Producer
Takeshi Shibasaki, Senior Producer
Kazuki Ueda, Producer, Special
Content Development Center
Jun Urakawa, Producer,
Programming Department


Shin Yasuda, Producer,
International Co-Production

Crossing the Line Productions
John Murray, Producer



On Screen Productions Ltd

Barbara Bernardini, Author/Producer

Catherine Muema,
Production Coordinator

Marco Visalberghi, Managing Director


MOVE productions

Armeria Sdn Bhd

Stefano Strocchi, Producer

Yusmal Ghazali, Head of Production

SD Cinematografica

Image Farm Productions Sdn Bhd

Roberto Dall’angelo,
Managing Director

Tang Siang Ching, Director/Producer
Jet TV Malaysia

Terra SRL
Diego D’Innocenzo, CEO

Ai Nie Wong, Producer

Mohd Nazrul, Assistant Director
Production Management
Red Communications
Lydia Lubon, Producer


Joan Úbeda Carulla, Producer

Deep Sea Productions
Malcolm Dixelius, Project Manager
Björn Hagberg, Producer
Martin Widman, Director

Mariana Ochoa, Producer, Director
and Cinematographer

Off the Fence
Mark Dee-Shapland, Sales Manager
Ludo Dufour, Sales Manager

National Taiwan University
Cheng-jen Shih, Professor
Chi-yung Moh,
Co-Prinicipal investigator

Georgina Eyre, Head of Acquisitions



Making Movies

John Farren, Creative Director

James Heyward, Executive Producer

Emma Parkins, Series Producer


422 South CGI and Visual FX

Judith Curran, Executive Producer

Andrew Davies-Coward, Joint
Managing Director

Beach House Pictures
Donovan Chan, Creative Director
Jocelyn Little, Managing Director
Sitting In Pictures
Soh Kiak Chang, Thinker/Doer

Arrow Media
Tom Brisley, Creative Director
John Smithson, Creative Director
Sacha Thorpe, Researcher
Thomas Viner, Executive Producer
Dan Wan, Assistant Producer
Atlantic Productions
Anthony Geffen, CEO and Executive
John Morris, Commercial Director
Ruth Roberts, Head of Development

Attaboy TV

Channel 4

Impossible Pictures Factual

October Films

Malcolm Clark, Executive Producer

David Glover, Senior Commissioning
Editor, Specialist Factual

Jonathan Drake, Director

Adam Bullmore, Creative Director

Steve Maher, Creative Director

Gareth Cornick, Producer


John Hay, Commissioning Editor,
Specialist Factual

Paul Wooding, Creative Director

Denman Rooke, Managing Director


OR Media

James Hawes, Director

Christopher Mitchell, Managing

Will Aslett, Executive Producer
Kate Bartlett, Head of Development

Ralph Lee, Head of Factual

Steve Crabtree, Head of Development

Kate Quilton, Multiplatform
Commissioning Editor, Factual

Dominic Crossley-Holland, Head of
History And Business For BBC Factual

Sara Ramsden, Commissioning Editor,
Science and Natural History


Channel 5

Zena Marks, Researcher/
Assistant Producer

Martin Davidson, Commissioning
Editor, History and Business
Eamon Hardy, Executive Producer
Mark Hedgecoe, Executive Producer
Aidan Laverty, Executive Producer
Claire Miller, Commercial Manager
Emma Ong, Commercial Manager
BBC Knowledge & Daytime
Jon Lindley, Commercial Manager

Simon Raikes, Commissioning
Editor, Factual

Andrew Cohen, Head of Science


Steve Condie, Executive Producer

Amelia Vale, Producer

Alice Keens-Soper,
Head of Specialist Factual

Chris Bonney, CEO

ITN Source


Hanna Davies, Business
Development Manager

BBC Television
Lilla Hurst, Joint MD
BBC Worldwide

Ross Harper, Executive Producer

Stuart Carter, Chairman
Jeremy Dear, SVP Programming

Keo films Ltd

Kirstie McLure, Managing Director

Colleen Flynn, Head of Development

Ailsa Orr, Creative Director

Debbie Manners, Managing Director

Ben Bowie, Managing Director

Lion Television

Lena Muller, Co-Production Manager,
Western Europe

Emily Dalton, Creative Director

Richard Bradley, Managing Director

Iain Riddick, Head of Special Projects
and Digital Media

Tessa James, Financial Director

Simon Young, Executive Producer

Mallinson Sadler Productions

Earth-Touch Ltd

Alexandra Olsson, Junior Acquisitions

Susan Lee, Head of Acquisitions

Big Wave Productions

Entertainment One Television

Sarah Cunliffe, Executive Producer

Rare Day

Crispin Sadler, Managing Director

Yvonne Body, Head of Acquisitions

Gillian Mosely, Company Director

Justina Hemperek, Manager,
Factual Acquisitions

Blink Films

National Geographic Channels
Hannah Demidowicz,
Commissioning Executive and Head
Of Programmes Europe

Dan Chambers, Co-Owner

Icon Films

Justine Kershaw, Co-Owner

Alex Brisland,
Senior Development Researcher

Ed Sayer, Commissioning Editor

Harry Marshall, Creative Director


Laura Marshall, Managing Director

Jane Root, CEO

British Pathé
Richard Goldthorpe, Business
Development Manager

Tilman Remme, Creative Director
Pioneer Productions

DSP (Darlow Smithson

Beyond Distribution

Picture Films

IWC Media

Suzanne McKenna, Head of Science,
History & Documentaries, Content &

Mark Reynolds, Director of Factual

Clare Birks, CEO
Peter Collins, Head of Development

Cineflix Rights

Caitlin Meek-O’Connor,
Acquisitions Manager, Factual
& Factual Entertainment

Oxford Scientific Films

Nicky Huggett, Head of
RedSiesta Films
Vijay Mavjee, CEO & Executive
Renegade Pictures
Alan Hayling, Editorial Director
Livia Simoka, Producer
Royal Hospital for Sick Children
Felicity Mehendale, Consultant Cleft
& Plastic Surgeon, Honorary Senior
Leturer, University of Edinburgh
Llion Iwan,
Factual Content Commissioner

SBS Corporation

Wellcome Trust

Jane Roscoe,
Head of International Content

Iain Dodgeon,
Creative Partnerships Manager

Screen Glue Ltd.
Jasper James, Founder
Sky Vision
Carl Hall, Managing Director
Danny Tipping, Head of
Programming And Development

Dr. Lisa Lazareck,
Public Engagement Adviser
Western Front Films

Al Jazeera America
Kathy Davidov, Senior Executive
Producer, Documentaries
Diana El-Osta, Coordinating
Producer, Development

Eric Harwood, Creative Director
Nick Watts, Managing Director

American Institute of Physics

Discovery Digital Networks
Tom Lofthouse, Vice President,
Programming and Production
Discovery Networks
Sarah T. Davies, Vice President of
Production and Development,
Factual Programming
Marion Said, Associate Producer

Karin Heineman, Executive Producer
Wild Thring Media


Edwina Thring, Managing Director

APT Worldwide/American Public

Peter Hamilton, Managing Director

Alan Clement, Director Of Content

Wildfire Television

Anne Laking,
Head of Specialist Factual

Philip Clarke, Director

Judy Barlow, VP Business
Development and International Sales

Earth Touch USA LLC

STV Productions

Testimony Films
Steve Humphries, Managing Director

Cathrine Armour, Manager Festival
And Events

Base Productions
Mickey Stern, Co-CEO
BBC Worldwide America

Tiger Aspect

Windfall Films

Clare Handford, Head of Factual

David Dugan, Chairman
Ian Duncan, Company Director

Tip Top Television Ltd

Carlo Massarella, Company Director

David McNab, Creative Director

Leesa Rumley, Head of Development

True North Productions

Wingspan Productions

Liz McLeod, Executive Producer

Archie Baron, Creative Director
and Executive Producer

TV6 Limited
Richard Reisz, Managing Director
TVF International
Alice Hamlett, Head of Programming
and Acquisitions
Adrian Wills, General Manager,
Waddell Media
Jon-barrie Waddell, Creative Director

Words Make Pictures
John Lynch, Chairman, WCSFP Board
Of Directors

Melissa Green, VP Sales and
Co-productions, Factual

Jonathan Hewes,
Head of International

Fire Ants Productions LLC D.B.A
Jean-Sébastien Brettes,
Executive Producer/Producer

Between the Rivers Productions

Mark Lewis, Executive Producer

Sabine Krayenbuhl, Co-Director
Zeva Oelbaum, Producer/Director

Getty Images


Ed Barron, Director of Broadcast
and Digital Media

Charles Tremayne, Executive
Vice-president of Programming

Wilfred Tenaillon, Account Manager
Getzels Gordon Productions

Deep Sky Productions

Harriet Gordon Getzels, Co-Owner

Frank Kraljic, Producer/Director

Zig Zag Productions

Discovery Channel

Leila Monks, Vice President
Commercial & Current Production

Robert Zakin, Executive Producer,

Zodiak Rights
Alex Brudenell,
VP Factual Acquisitions

Howard Swartz, VP Development
And Production
Discovery Communications
Brian Lavin, Senior Manager,
Jim Louderback, CEO, Revision3

Wall To Wall

Melanie Carlos, Vice President,
Development & Production

James Byrne, Producer/Writer
Michael Cascio, Television and
Programming Executive (USA)
Kelly Masterson,
Playwright/Screen Writer
ITN Source
Nan Halperin,
Business Development Manager

JWM Productions

National Science Foundation

PBS International

Terranoa/US Office

Jason Williams, President

Valentine Kass, Deputy Division
Director (acting), Program Director

Anna Alvord, Manager,
International Sales

Laetitia Giansily-Doyle, Sales and
Acquisitions Representative
for the Americas, Australia, Iberia
& Middle East

Larkin McPhee Productions, LLC
Larkin McPhee, President
Lion Television
Tony Tackaberry, CEO
Louise Rosen Ltd.

NBC Universal, Media
Benjamin Ringe,
SVP Development & EP
Phil Fairclough, EVP Development
And Production

Louise Rosen, Managing Director

Nanci Barker Church, Manager,
International Sales
Tom Koch, Vice President
Charles Schuerhoff, Director,
International Acquisitions

Thomas Veltre, Producer
PF Productions
David Kaplan, Managing Partner
Mark Levinson, Managing Partner

Medill School of Journalism—
Northwestern University

Paula S. Apsell, Senior Executive
Producer/Director, Science Unit

Theresa Chong,
Graduate Journalism Candidate

Evan Hadingham, Senior Science
Chris Schmidt, Senior Producer

Merlin Ventures

Tug Yourgrau, President
Providence Pictures
Gary Glassman, Executive Producer/

John Railing, President

Melanie Wallace, Senior Series

Mokko Studio

Off The Fence

Quanta Magazine/Simons

Jon Robertson, Business
Development—Los Angeles Sales

Havva Eisenbaum, Vice President,
Program Development

Thomas Lin, Managing Editor

Part2 Pictures
Thobey Campion, Founder and
Global Publisher

Amy Bucher,
Senior Executive Producer
Passport to Knowledge/GHSPi

National Geographic Channel
Germaine Deagan Sweet, SVP Global
Content Sales
Michael Mavretic, Senior Director
of Development

Geoff Haines-Stiles, Producer,
Director, Writer

The Really Interesting
Picture Company

Roller Coaster Road Productions
Steve Burns,
Managing Director/Producer

Stephanie Carter,
Coordinating Producer
Janet Hess, Series Editor
Paul Duddridge,
Head of Entertainment
University of Minnesota
Alex Eilts, Research Associate/
Independent Producer
Vice Media
Derek Mead, Editor-in-Chief,

Smithsonian Networks

John Bredar, Vice President,
National Programming

Chris Hoelzl, Vice President,
Program Development

Julia Cort, Senior Producer, NOVA
Denise Dilanni, Senior Executive
In Charge

Stony Brook Films

JC Mills, Director of Development

Beth Hoppe, Chief Programming
Executive and General Manager,
General Audience Programming

National Geographic Channels

Mike Kelley, Programming Executive
and Vice President of Content and
Business Affairs

Stephen Hunter, VP, Production
and Development

Bill Margol, Development
and Production

Tangled Bank Studios

Carlyn Staudt, SVP, Global
Programming and Acquisitions

Erica Watson, Assistant Director,
General Audience Programming

David Elisco,
Director of Development

National Geographic Television

PBS Distribution

Michael Rosenfeld,
Head of Television and Film

Brooke Runnette, President

Amy Letourneau, Senior Director,

Paul Gasek, Producer/Writer/Narrator

Zala Films
George Csicsery, Producer

Story House Productions
Andreas Gutzeit, Co-President

Anne Tarrant, Senior Producer

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